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Xena - an innovative force in testing next-generation communications technology

Today the role of global communications infrastructure is more important than ever – so much of our society today depends on internet access, and where cloud computing, 4G/5G mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have combined to form one of the most significant and exciting growth forces in the age of the networking and communication infrastructure industry, ever.

The Danish company Xena Networks, stands at the forefront of a handful of companies who specialize in test and measurement solutions for the global communications market, being recognized as a player who develops advanced communications technology in the fields of L2-3 High-Speed Ethernet (400GE), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) security perimeters, and hyper-scale emulation of realistic TCP/IP internet traffic.

Today, Xena has a global presence with offices in the US, Europe, China and India, and the company has won an impressive series of international awards confirming its status as a leader for innovative Test & Measurement solutions. Xena’s customer base include an impressive list of leading international companies world-wide like Intel, Cisco, British Telecom, Disney, General Dynamics, London Stock Exchange, just to name a few.

The man behind Xena Networks, CEO Jacob Vestergaard Nielsen, sold his first software program aged 14 and has been working with communications technologies since 1990. Jacob founded Xena as a ‘global garage company’ in 2007, with Xena selling its first Ethernet test solution in 2009.

“We work with bleeding-edge technologies, helping tech giants to demonstrate what’s technically possible now – before they become mainstream in a few years’ time,” explains Jacob Vestergaard Nielsen. “We are among a select group that receive early access to new technologies from partners such as Intel and Xilinx, so we can showcase product based on technologies such as high-speed 56Gbps SerDes, the world’s largest FPGA’s, Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), WPF, and Django based software development.

Xena has always seen itself as an innovative frontrunner – both when it comes to the adoption of latest technologies and changing the industry with transformative and scalable business models that will transform the way customers buy test equipment - "Xena thinks BIG".

“We are committed to building a global brand based on an efficient business infrastructure in all areas - from R&D to production, marketing, sales & technical support,” says Jacob Vestergaard Nielsen. “This calls for a variety and diverse skill sets, in an international organization.”

Xena Networks has an innovative, flexible and dynamic development environment, a flat structure and an open culture. You will work in an international team, with close contact to the customers and salespeople worldwide, and you will have the opportunity to influence your own career.
Now is your chance to join the success, helping to shape the future of global communications technology state of the art technology together with highly skilled colleagues.

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