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Affecto has the solution and the tools you need

According to GDPR, you are required to be in control of all of your personally identifiable and sensitive data. There are only a few software tools on the market to support this requirement today.

Affecto delivers independent tools for

  • automating intelligent discovery of sensitive and private data
  • providing insight into proliferation of data
  • setting up sensitive data policies
  • risk analysis based on protection status, user access, activity, location, data cost, classification, and proliferation
  • visualizing current status via a rich array of dashboards drill-downs to provide enterprise visibility of sensitive data risks and relationships
  • connecting to a wide range of security solutions for enterprise data privacy and security risk analysis
  • masking private data securing only authorized employees have access to these data
  • setting up test data environment where all personally identifiable and sensitive data are masked

Come to our GDPR tools seminar and let us show you how to leapfrog your current GDPR process by the use of these unique tools.

Date: Wednesday, 11. October 2017
Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Address: Affecto Lyngbyvej 28, 2100 København Ø


*The event is free and will be held in English.

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