Many companies today are intrigued by their “big data” problems, where really, they are and probably should be looking at a big “data problem”. Today, data has not only grown in volume - it has also grown in complexity. That’s why we think you should join Jayway and Neo Technology on January 21. for a seminar on how you can add meaning to Finance data with graph databases, and let the light shine on your “dark data”.

Meaningful data
Churn reduction, Fraud detection, pattern recognition, meaningful relations between customers and products, not an easy task when using classic datamodels and databases, especially so in the Financial Services industry. Neo4J, market leader in graph databases, makes relations in data transparant. This offers you faster and more cost effective understanding of all information.

By presenting you this short, 2-hour seminar, we can get you what you need to know to start thinking about your data structures in new ways, and seize the opportunities of graph databases - today.

14.00 - Kick-off and Introduction
14.15 - Graph Databases in a NOSQL landscape
15.00 - Finance examples and case studies from Rabobank, Square, and others
15.30 - Questions and answers
16.00 - Networking drink

The seminar is held in Danish and English language

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Jayway og NEO Technology


Sjæleboderne 2, 2.
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