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Opdateret liste over danske iværksættere

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For et stykke tid siden skrev jeg et blogindlæg og en post på Google+ om kortlægning af danske startups. Her er en opdateret udgave af listen, som selvfølgelig meget gerne må deles ud til alle som kunne være interesseret i det danske startupmiljø. (Det skal for fuldstændighedens skyld nævnes, at jeg er co-founder af firmaet, som står bag - den sidste på listen.)

Podio - Online work platform for collaboration and project management in one central place with tasks, calendar, contacts, activity stream

Tradeshift - Tradeshift is the social business network for free online invoicing & more.

Gett - The best way to publish and share your files.

Artiklen fortsætter efter annoncen - will help you find your JavaScript errors, so you can fix them.

BlueSEQ - We match people’s NGS service needs with labs that have extra capacity on their sequencing instruments.

Firmafon - mobile telephony, switchboard and administration of business telephony.

Spiir - helping you to a healthy private economy, focusing on the life you want.

Endomondo - Community based on free GPS tracking of sports.

Graduateland - On Graduateland you can browse thousands of internships and graduate jobs or find the ideal university for your studies.

Less Painful - Mobile Application Testing.

Mivando - Get started with your own online store. Mivando is a complete solution that allows you not to think of all the technical stuff.

uCommerce - uCommerce is a full featured e-commerce platform with content management features powered by Umbraco.

AutoUncle - clears the way through the used car jungle.

Trustpilot - Share your shopping experience - or read others before you shop online.

Digroli - Digroli is a cross-platform web and smartphone app that eases the burden of daily grocery shopping and saves you time and money.

Openhours - Find opening hours of your local post office, supermarket, bank and more. You can also add your own hours, so everybody can find them.

Gignal - a social distribution platform, presenting social media buzz from events and venues on physical and online billboards.

StartupSteps - Personal entrepreneurial stories told primarily through podcasts and competent mentoring from our mentors.

Memolane - Your social life, captured in a simple, elegant timeline. Bring together all the moments you've saved through social media to tell your stories. - a social platform designed for sharing and promoting good deeds – regardless of size or significance. - Expense management for small businesses.

Evertale - the self-writing scrapbook of your life.

Appharbor - Azure done right. .NET-deployment as it should be.

Eventbird - Conference Apps for smartphones.

Soccertrix - an online game where soccer players can battle on their skills and be rewarded with XP and virtual medals.

Everplaces - Keep track of all the wonderful places around you with Everplaces. Here you can start saving the places you love and share them with your friends.

Canvasdropr - lets you share images and videos real-time and simultaneously with friends, family, colleagues and business partners.

Karduus by Olrik - design company: clothes for women, iPad and Macbook Air sleeves in leather. - To art, what Threadless is to t-shirts.

Nabto - Create a webserver 1 kb in small inexpensive hardware.

LetFarm - registration solutions for farming.

SCALGO - specializes in algorithms and software for efficient processing of truly massive terrain raster data.

CodeSealer - Enables banks to offer secure online banking to all customers, regardless of if the customer PC is infected with Malware.

Muuse - is an online community for emerging design talent from top fashion schools and people who love fashion. - it's a marketplace where anyone can buy or sell videocall sessions about anything. Sign up. Set your call rate. Get paid.

eTRADEVIDEO - it's a subscription-based online service delivering quality product videos to etailers to improve their online business.

Showmegolfers - it's a small startup producing an app for golfers. They have received first round funding and are currently in the process of launch in the US market.

Queue-it - Queue-it is a virtual queue system, designed to prevent website crashes.

Billy's Billing Online Regnskabsprogram - online accounting for start-ups and smaller companies in Denmark. No difficult accounting terms, just easy to use for everyone.

Vortex - Extensible pipeline and communication platform designed primarily for the animation, vfx, and games industries.

Plurk - it's a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as plurks) through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length.

Todoist - it's a leading online to-do list and task manager. We manage millions of to-dos and we are ready to manage yours as well!

Wedoist - it's project management and online collaboration tool that helps you complete your projects in time.

Klubmodul - SAAS solution for all sport clubs and associations. Complete software suite including accounting, online payment, recurring online payment etc etc. +500 danish clubs are active users. Launching in sweden, norway and finland.

Daiyu Solutions - it's a webapplication and software firm located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We specialize in high-functionality webpages, but also provide smaller websolutions and hosting options.

CloudSprout - Provides a drag-n-drop website and shop builder for building professional level websites, without coding and without involving a developer.

Birdeye - air photos and video from the air, done with drones.

Pulsetracks - all your fitness data, one safe location.

Iconfinder - Search through more than 150.000 free icons in an easy and efficient way.

Døgndata - Residential homes and foster care families are writing a lot about the children and young people in care – we provide software to handle this task.

Tangerine District - offers easy access for small businesses to a wide range of software tools like contact management and document management and additionally an opportunity to buy different services.

Opiin Systems APS - Solutions for the ERP market; our core business is particularly aimed at companies with need for project management, time tracking and HR workflow optimisation. Opiin is an enterprise solution, easy to customize, intuitive and simple by design, yet versatile, and very powerful as basis for billing and payroll.

SharepointToolbelt ApS - This time-saving tool to Sharepoint will help you find and document ACTUAL user permissions across ENTIRE SharePoint farms.

SecConsult - Professional IT security offerings. Main offers: IT security tests (pentest, ethical hacking), IT security policies (i.e. based on ISO-27000) and IT contingency plans.

Simpelt Regnskab – online accounting for free agents.

Riidr - has the largest selection of Danish language e-books online. Currently developing apps that enable users to read e-books on their iPhone, iPad as well as new Android tablets and mobile devices.

Playdead - Independent developer of the award-winning game Limbo, working on new titles.

e-conomic - develops an online accounting software used by more than 40,000 companies and 3,500 accountants worldwide - from sole practitioners to large accounting firms. The software is easy to use and flexible, and you can give your accountant free access.

GreenWeb - Digital signs for all purposes. - a free online graphic design software and image editor, is a mix between the world of desktop publishing with the world of photoshop, vector drawing and custom printed products. This mix has made Fatpaint the most advanced graphics application on the internet, and the best web-based graphic application for creating page layout. - Booking system for hairdressing masseurs and beauty clinics etc. ..

Bownty - We collect all local daily deals to give you a personalized overview of everything your favorite cities around the world have to offer. The best part - it's completely free! - provides you with a tool enabling precise and quick sharing. Save your quotes and comments. All for free. No signing up or installation needed! Our motto: Share less – Give more!

Xiive - Compare, visualize and track brands across social media.

Som du kan se er det en dejlig lang liste, så hvis jeg har glemt et par startups, som allerede er nævnt, er det bestemt ikke af ond vilje, men det kan jo smutte. Du kan tilføje dem i kommentarfeltet herunder. Derudover kan man jo bare glæde sig over det aktive danske startupmiljø.

Det skal også nævnes at der ud af det oprindelige blogindlæg kom hele 2 danske sites til, som holder styr på de danske startups: og .

Denne liste har jeg blandt andet brugt til at promovere danske startups på sites såsom Quora - og det er grunden til at beskrivelserne er holdt på engelsk.

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6. maj 2013 kl. 16:02 er lidt spændende og burde nok være på din liste.

Det kunne i øvrigt være fint, hvis virksomhedernes navne var links ;)

6. maj 2013 kl. 10:45

Jeg finder at giver et godt overblik over startups i Danmark.

Derudover mangler min arbejdsgiver, Falcon Social, på din liste.

1. marts 2012 kl. 21:05

Fint og modigt initiativ, da det her kan blive en MEGET levende liste - heldigvis.

Synes også lige jeg ville gøre opmærksom på at eTRADEVIDEO er endt inde i Chattebay-teksten.

Tænkte også burde være med. Ambitiøst projekt at Morten Wulff.

Men ellers super spændende læsning. Tak.

5. maj 2013 kl. 19:42

Havde sørme misset din kommentar, men det er rettet nu :)

10. februar 2012 kl. 13:00

Jeg vil da gerne bidrage med mit eget firma (Praktisk IT / Office - formidling og udvikling) og min samarbejdspartner Valhal IT (Kontor i skyen-produkter, netværksassistance mv) Begge oprettet i 2011 :-) mvh

10. februar 2012 kl. 12:27

Jeg tror godt du kan fjerne Plurk, Todoist, Wedoist. Den eneste der gjorde dem danske er vist flyttet ud af landet (for lang tid siden).

Det er vist et håbløst projekt at holde sådan en liste opdateret :)

22. februar 2012 kl. 11:29

Jeg vil lige starte med at undskylde mit sene svar - jeg holdt lang vinterferie et sted med meget, meget dårligt internet...

@Johannes Jeg hæfter mig ved at wedoist er opført i Startup Chile som halvt dansk, så derfor er det på listen - går ud fra at todoist er i samme kategori. Plurk er der en anden der har ønsket tilføjet (se kommentarerne under der første indlæg) og da vedkommende var meget fornærmet over at jeg havde glemt sitet i første omgang, så kom det på listen :-).

Listen behøver bestemt ikke være udtømmende eller opdateret - det regner jeg med at de to spin-off sites kan klare meget bedre end et par blogindlæg, men listen skulle gerne hjælpe med at give et billede af hvad der rør sig i det danske startupmiljø - også udenfor de store byer.

@Birthe Lyder godt. Praktisk IT og Valhal IT er noteret :-)

9. februar 2012 kl. 23:33

Hvad er kritierierne for listen? For hvis det skulle være alle danske iværksættere der har et website, så mangler der nok i hvert fald 10.000. Hvis det er IT-startups, så har jeg lidt svært ved at se hvordan et produkt/designfirma som Karduus eller en stor og veletableret virksomhed som e-conomic er at finde på listen. Ud fra de kritierier skulle Danfoss eller Malene Birger vel også på listen?

10. februar 2012 kl. 03:57

Det diskuterede vi under det første blogindlæg. Kriteriet for listen er at nogle var villige til at kalde det for et startup og andre ikke havde gode argumenter for at det ikke skulle være på en liste, der skulle bruges til at synliggøre danske startups. Jeg har sammensat den initielle liste og ellers bare taget input.

Hvis du gerne vil bruge listen i en bestemt sammenhæng så er det helt fint at filtrere den efter forskellige kriterier, såsom it-startups, helt nye startups, startups som har taget funding, startups fra København/Odense/Århus/Udenfor storbyerne og lignende - f.eks. kan de to websites, der opstod efter det første indlæg give lidt flere detaljer, end jeg har valgt at skrive på.