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Kommentar til Ekspert: Kritik af netbanker er overdrevet

Transaction authentication

Peter is of course right but the issue is that the transaction has to be authorised not the user see here http://blog.cytrap.eu or http://blog.cytrap.eu/?p=322 But unfortunately, banks are currently not always willing to pay the 50-150 kroner to really improve things for their online banking...
Kommentar til Skarp kritik af dansk netbank-sikkerhed

Transaction authentication

We put up more detailed explanations here: http://blog.CyTRAP.eu or http://blog.cytrap.eu/?p=322
Kommentar til Er netbanker usikre?

Transaction authentication

Kaere Jesper Thanks for this comment on the article, I love it. Of course I agree with you and to make my point a bit more detailed, we have posted something on our IT experta blog http://blog.CyTRAP.eu We also linked to this post here: http://blog.cytrap.eu/?p=322