Endika Gil Uriarte

Fynske robotter kan afpresses med ransomware

This action is motivated by our mission to Eliminate Zero Days from robotics, and all inaction of manufacturers in cybersecurity. Contributions are more than welcome. As somebody said above (from my dansk translate), let's stop this April's fools before a serious incident happens.

31. marts 2020 kl. 15:58
Fynske robotter kan afpresses med ransomware

Hey there,

I hope all is well in Denmark and you stay healthy amidst this pandemics. Its Endika, from Alias Robotics.

Long story short and after a series of interactions with Universal Robots A/S no action has been taken to fix any of the security vulnerabilities that we showcased above. In an action to create awareness in the rest of the players of the value chain, Alias Robotics is launching this week the "Universal Robots bug week" where all these security flaws will be showcased daily and open for the public once our Responsible Disclosure period has ended.

Find more here: https://news.aliasrobotics.com/week-of-universal-robots-bugs-exposing-insecurity/

31. marts 2020 kl. 15:56